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    A woman has a happy relationship with her boyfriend. However it is a complicated relationship. Not only is he her boss, but he is also married. Her friends do not approve of her relationship which makes it even harder for her.

    Laura’s Story

    I am fortunate to be in a happy relationship with my boyfriend, Lucas. On the other hand it is because of him that I am in fear of losing my two best friends.

    The reason why my friends and I are falling out is because they don’t approve of my boyfriend.

    Lucas is married and has a 6 year old daughter with his wife of 15 years. He has told me that he is very unhappy in his marriage but that he is not divorcing his wife because his daughter is too young to understand, he wants to wait until she is older. I think he is being very unselfish in putting the needs of his daughter first, before his own happiness.

    Lucas is also my boss, we don’t work in the same office so I don’t see him during the day. He moved in to live with me 15 months ago. Six months ago he bought me a kitten, our first pet, and this has made me feel like we are finally being a real couple, making a home together. I am generally happy with our situation, except for the weekends, when he goes home to spend time with his daughter. I try not to let it upset me, as he is only trying to be a good father.

    I have talked to Lucas about starting a family but he is not keen as he already has a daughter, he is not sure that he wants to have any more children. Perhaps the timing is not right for him but I know my body clock is ticking away and time is fast running out for me.

    My best friends do not understand my living arrangement, nor do they approve. They veer from the opinion that I am wrecking a marriage to that I am being taken advantage of. I think they should support me regardless and I think that it is more likely that they are jealous of my happiness and new life style.

    I feel this invisible barrier between my friends and I and I can’t talk to them as openly as I used to. They are my oldest and best friends and this makes me sad.

    I am very disappointed that Lucas does not want to start a family with me yet and I need the support of my friends but I can’t talk to them about it. I feel really let down by them, they are both treating me the same way, questioning and judging me all the time instead of supporting me.

    I love Lucas but I don’t want to lose my best friends.