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    Is it sad to travel alone ? Absolutely not. Anyone who says it is is probably jealous of you.Whatever you reason is for travelling alone, there are many travel companies set up specially for singles. This enables you to travel to wherever you want with a sense of security and not feel embarrassed because you are on your own.


    Being in a group gives you security, you can choose to dine and sight-see on your own or do it with the company of others in the group. Depending on what tours you choose, some are joined by people from all over the world, what a great way to make new friends. Again, only if you want to, it is your choice.

    If you have thought about doing this many times but never took the plunge. Do it, try it. You will be surprised at how many other feel the same way. Once they try it they often wonder what they were scared of and wished they had tried it sooner. When you start looking you will see that there are many singles travel companies. That means there must be many singles out there, travelling and holidaying on their own. Try it and write to tell us how difficult or easy it was for you. We would love to read about your ventures.

    Advantages of travelling alone

    There are a few advantages of travelling alone, the main point is you get full control of your journey. You get to choose where to go, what to do, you have more freedom. You also have more peace, if a quiet journey is what you are looking for.

    Disadvantages of travelling alone

    There are a few disadvantages to consider. First of all shared trips can save costs on package deals for flights and hotels. You are also more safe travelling in a group, so it may not be wise to travel alone in dangerous places, especially if no tour guides are available.