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    Whatever your interests or taste, there are many places you can go to socialise and have fun. Try new things and share new experiences with old friends, or even meet new people in the process.

    Things to consider when travelling

    There are many things to consider before taking a trip, not only who you will go with and where you will go, but also planning your journey, what will you bring and what exactly will you do when you are there? A holiday somewhere is usually for a few days or more, so it is worth spending a day or so making sure everything is perfect and you are all set to go for a perfect trip.

    Planning a foreign holiday is often an exciting event. After making the main decisions, on which country, hotel, means of travel , it would help to have a check list of all the smaller but just as important items to take care of.

    When planning a holiday keeping to budget is not easy for most people, there is always that extra something to pay for. With the excitement of a holiday, the last thing on most people’s mind is encountering disaster. But, this is the one thing that you should always budget for. It is surprising how many people try to save money by travelling without travel insurance.

    It is very tempting to think that you have never needed it and it will never happen. If you should unfortunately become seriously ill or have an accident in a foreign country, it is comforting to know that you will be taken care of or be repatriated back home for medical care.

    Hopefully you will never need to use it, for a care free holiday, travel insurance should be top of your list.

    Avoid the Recession, Take a Gap Year

    A gap year out used to be taken mainly by young people before they go on to university. Nowadays it is taken by all people of all ages. Plenty to travel agencies have sprung up to cater to this new breed of working travellers.

    With the country still in the grip of recession, some people are taking this as an opportunity to take a sabbatical from their career, to do something completely different. Teaching English in a foreign country or volunteering for charity work seems to be very popular. There are all kinds of gap adventures to suit all sorts of interest and abilities. Overseas charities would probably value contributions from skilled personnel.

    If you are fed up with the rat race, stuck in a rut, newly retired but too fit and active to do nothing or just looking for new excitement and new adventures, a gap year in a foreign land could be the answer.

    It is when you are living in the chosen country that you can then appreciate and understand it’s culture, language, food and people.

    If you have not done this in your youth and can afford it now, it could be an exciting idea to take 6 months to a year out to do something completely different in a foreign country. This is an experience that most people will not have the chance to indulge in, once they get married and start a family. Gapwork

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