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  • Being a single parent


    Being a parent can be daunting. Being a single parent can be even more so.This article will offer insight into how to not only survive this challenge but make you feel comfortable, worry-less and happy.

    Surviving as a single parent

    Being a single parent is not easy, but provided you take the right initiative, it might not necessarily be twice as difficult as if you were a couple raising a child. How involved the ex-partner/mother/father is with helping you raise your child will be different for each case. Your family or close friends may also be able to help but it is important that you take on the responsibility that is yours. The obvious disadvantage of being a single parent is the extra amount of financial and emotional responsibility you have to take on. There may be advantages though, for instance being able to make the decisions yourself and not get into arguments with a partner about which is the best school etc.

    Remember, being a single parent does not necessarily mean you are alone. Even if you have no family or friends, there are support groups you can turn to. It can also be beneficial to ask other parents for advice, as they may already have the experience. It is important to remember though, while it is wise to listen to advice from others and sometimes get help, you must also make sure the decisions you make are right for your individual situation.

    Time and money

    Single parents often face the dilemma of not having enough time and money to look after their child. If they work, they may have to pay for child minders or nurseries if there is no one else to help. To hire them costs money, so if the parent has no initial savings, there lies the dilemma. For this reason, many parents single or not claim benefits. This may be an option for you, but it is up to you to explore every option and decide what solution is best for you. You can no longer afford to make bad financial decisions, as another human being is now relying on you to feed and support them. It is not easy to keep within your budget as a parent and as a single parent it is even harder. Do not be afraid to seek financial advice from family, friends or support groups.