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  • Where to take dates


    Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a place to take your date. While there is no right or wrong answer, different places provide very different atmospheres. This article aims to give you some insight in how to choose a location, depending on the kind of experience you would like to have.

    The perfect location

    The location your date takes place will set the scene and have an impact on how the experience goes. There is no “perfect location” for all dates. The right place for a date can be determined not only by personal taste or the kind of experience you are in the mood for, but also what stage you may be at in your relationship.

    The cinema

    For a long time, the cinema has been a popular choice for dates. While some may argue that dates are for getting to know people and this can’t be achieved at the cinema as not much talking gets done there, it is still an experience that when shared can bring people closer -especially for movie fans.


    Restaurants are an ideal place for dates as they are a well suited for conversation to take place which will help you get to know one another.


    Cafes are a good choice for casual dates. They are more accessible than restaurants as they are not as expensive and you don’t have to go through the hassle of booking a table. While not as romantic as a fancy restaurant, a cafe is a very reasonable choice for first dates and casual dates.


    If all you want is to share a drink and have a chat, bars may be the way to go. Like cafes, bars are a good place for an easy going and casual date.

    Theatre and shows

    If you or your date has a special interest in the theatre, or even if you just want to experience something different, there are many shows you can attend. The high price of these shows will probably mean they are more suited for special occasions for those on a budget.

    Concerts and music venues

    Like the theatre, concerts and other music events can be expensive, so they may not be ideal for casual or first dates. Nightclubs especially are very noisy so don’t expect to be able to have much conversation there. For a different experience though, a music event may be an interesting experience to share, especially if you both share the same taste in music -finding a concert where your shared favorite band/artist may prove to be the perfect date.

    Dinner at home

    Unless you have previously been friends for a long time, it is very unlikely your date will take place at home, so for first dates you can cross this one off the list. For those relationships which have been growing for a while however, a home cooked dinner is an ideal choice for a personal and more intimate atmosphere.