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    Safety is the first thing to consider when you start. One of the safest ways to choose a singles site is by recommendation and always let someone else know before a meeting. But, for some, there is still a stigma attached to internet dating and you may not want family or friends to know. If that is the case at least make sure your keep details of emails, phone numbers and always always meet in a public place.


    Long ago generations of families would continue to live in the same town or village all their lives because travel to other towns could take days. With the advent of modern technology, ease of travel means we can be in not just another town but another country in hours. Nowadays most of us live in a society with flexible time working hours and mobile working, lost of family and community spirit. The way we live and work make it much harder for meeting and making new friends or keeping up with old friends. There is a lot to be said for internet dating. For some, this could be the only way for them to make new friends. Just make sure you are SAFE.

    Dating websites

    There is a wide range of dating websites out there. Whatever your background or dating preferences, there is sure to be a dating site or two which is suitable for you. Most serious dating websites charge a subscription fee, but some have trials and there are also even some free ones. Choosing the right dating website will determine the kind of dates you meet. Don’t waste time and money on the wrong dating website. Do some research first, read customer reviews and try free trials first.


    Safety is an important issue to be considered if you are dating online. Choosing a dating website with a decent reputation is the first step, but even this is no guarantee you have nothing to worry about. Meeting in a public place for the first date, or even the first few is a wise step. Talking online to your date is also a good idea before meeting them. It is impossible to be completely safe anywhere with anyone, but simple steps like being patient and careful can do a lot to keep you our of harm’s way.

    Honesty online

    Everyone has heard stories about internet dates going wrong because of someone lying about themselves online, usually to make themselves look better. This always turns out in disaster for both parties. Being yourself is the best way to start. Be confident and talk about your good qualities but be careful not to exaggerate or tell any lies. Be aware that your online dating partner may not be the way they make themselves out to be either. You will get people lying in the real world too but with the internet, it can be much easier for people to create a false image of themselves to make themselves sound better than they actually are. Expect anything and remember, honesty works both ways.