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    Dating can be a practical and emotional challenge. These articles offer guidance on how best to take on the challenge of dating and find someone that makes you happy.

    Introduction to dating

    The goal of dating is to find the perfect partner. The right person for you may be obvious the moment you meet them, or it may take months or even years of knowing them to decide if they are the kind of person you want to date. Finding a date can be the hardest part. There are many methods of finding a suitable partner, such as speed dating and dating websites. Once you are dating someone you feel comfortable and happy with, sustaining the relationship is also important. While there are no hard and fast rules on how to sustain a relationship, being yourself and thinking decisions through is the key.

    Finding a date

    This is the meeting phase. Finding the right dating partner(or date) can be as challenging a process as the dates themselves. There are many ways to find dates. Sometimes you need to go out there and make something happen, but sometimes your dates find you. We aim to give you advice on how to best make yourself available and where to look for the right date for you.

    Dating success

    It is impossible for all dates to go perfectly and sometimes if your date is not a good match, there is nothing you can do to fix it. There are things you can do however to make sure no mistakes are made and that things go wrong when they could have gone well. Doing something to mess up a potentially good date is probably the worse thing that can happen. These articles will guide you through taking the right steps to make sure nothing goes wrong on your dates.

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